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Astrology is a Precise Science!

What Astrology is All About?

As far as the sciences that concern our actual lives go, Astrology may seem controversial at a first glance.But in reality, can the science that's been researched and followed for millenia by all cultures of the Ancient world be a hoax? I don't think so.

Why Have I Become an Astrologist?

It was because of how precise all the predictions made for me were, that I've decided to become an astrologist myself. That happened 20 years ago when I was predicted to make a move to the New York City and make a fortune there. At the end of the day, it worked just like that, but only because I've become one of the most well-known and reputable astrologists and tarot masters in the city. All in all, I have always been fascinated by how astrology predicts the future. It tracks how the Universe's motion (e.g. stars and planets and their orbits changes) affect our life in every way. So follow my blog and I'll help you make sense of what astrology has in store for your love life, your work life and everything in between!

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